In a last week, I was standing in corridor of college. Everyone was busy with their mobiles. Hardly 2-3 students were talking with each other. Even in cafeteria of college, the people sitting on the same table were chatting with each other on whatsapp and facebook.
             Do you think, this is an excess use of social sites? I think its the same situation with the people who are using smartphones these days,its the fact. But a question arising in my mind is, why people are using internet this much? Only because its easily available?
             I think, since many years, people who were going to temple or church just because of fear of God, instead of the right feeling about God,are now shifted to the social sites! Just to divert the focus of mind from frustrating things, people used to keep reading and sharing on social sites. We can see many posts about God on these sites. I feel like god is shifting from idols to elecronic medium.
             But these kind of ‘shared posts’ are affecting the creativity of mind. People are not using their brain to create something new. Most people do use of technology just to ‘copy-paste’ operarations. But this way will be harmful in the future.Technology should be used to do the things , which requires more physical presence than intelligence, to do it in most efficient way.
             The mind control robotic arm is the best example for this. The human arm power becomes multiple by using it. It is totally controlled by brain, so its good for army use. By using more powerful different robotic parts of body, in the future there will be real super-human in the world.
            Lets make the world look smaller,Use technology to get closer to your family and friends, get connected with people, and be the super-human.



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