I was just looking at the stars in the sky. When i was child, people used to say that, those stars are the bright people who died and they are watching us all the time from there.
              But now I am just thinking, what if real aliens are there! They might be able to see us from there planet by using a good quality telescope. But what actually they can see from some million light years! We all know that, Sun is the closest star to us compared to other stars. It takes around 7-8 minutes to reach its rays on the earth.
              Then its possible that alien watching from their telescope might be seeing our past years,decades or may be centuries! Even the stars i was watching, might not be present there! It might have died already!
               What will happen, if we keep some big mirror facing to the earth, at a long distance, and we see it with the telescope.
Will it be possible to see the past year of earth on that? What if we enter into that mirror, and able to change the past!
               And a common question arising in my mind, usually many people have it in their minds, are we real? Or we are in the someone’s dream? What will happen, if we both are sitting and start reading each others mind, then actually who is reading who’s mind?
               I would like to go in the past. If its possible to go in the past then why not into the future! We will be having time machines in the future, parked just like our other vehicles in the parking.
               It will be amazing to go into the past and meet some people in the past, living those beautiful moments again!



4 thoughts on “‘LETS HAVE A LOOK’

  1. What an extraordinary photo – it’s as if you are looking through the portal at a different and new dimension, an unknown universe! And the man standing on the boulder provides the contrast reminding the insignificance of man in terms of the vastness and greatness of the Cosmos which, anyway, is always true!

    I’ve always had the feeling that the desire to go back into the past is mere wishful thinking because life and time both progress in a linear manner, that is, moving forward, and hence, both are irreversible meaning one just cannot go back in time and relive the past moments of one’s life. If such a possibilty were to come true, it would give to life to the adage: “Eating your cake and having it too!” Thanks for the very interesting and inspiring post!

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