‘Lets have a Luxurious life’



        “Hrishi, I am having luxurious life. No tension of Job,no tension of getting upgraded. My father has well settled business. I am so lucky, I dont need to move single feet to get anything.” One of my school friend was saying this to me.
                A perfect life for anyone on the earth, isn’t it? Actually,When he used the word ‘luxurious’, my mind got attentive for his next few words, to know ‘the elements of luxurious life’.
                 Having a good shelter, spending money on shopping and parties, getting day time sleep, having enormous variety of food and no need to learn anything related to acadmic knowledge. This is what I understood about ‘luxurious life’ from him.
                Do you think thats ‘luxurious’? Most of you will say ‘yes’. But I have got a little different perspective about it.
                 Life is luxurious, when it doesnt allows you to sleep! The inventions of technology are to make life easy and not ‘lazy’. Everyone of us has got a limited life span to spend on earth. So, we should try to increase the involvement of ourselves,in every fraction of second of our life,by using the technologies.
                The luxurious life and the lazy life, are the two sides of a coin! In both the lifestyles, people use technologies,gadgets but for different perspective. Luxurious life is something which makes you grow! I didn’t see any growth opportunity in my friend’s lifestyle.
                We must have known to the Google Car. It doesnt require the driver. Even hyundai has made the same car before google (Personally i loved the hyundai car concept) And the news is that, the concept of interactive cars is also going to launch soon.
                These cars will interact with other cars.For example, if someone wants to take a sudden U turn on the road, car will send auto message to the cars around it! Your own car will get know the moods of you. According to your mood and time of the day, it will interact with you! It will automatically play the music,news according to your mood.
                As the car is going to be driven by itself, you can use that time to start your office work from laptop/tablet. It will surely save your daily travelling time! Some of you may be thinking of getting a nap during that time. But it totally depends on you,whether you want luxurious life or lazy life!



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