“Its not arrogance,its about success!”



      “I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft.” said by the founder of Microsoft. Does it sound little arrogant? And that also by such a great personality. 
               Well, I think the person who earns $500/sec, who is the richest man in the world, many of us can only dream about crossing his wealth number, and who is way beyond the other rich people in the world. He desrves to say it!
                Many of you must not be agree with it. But if you look closely to the bill gates life, he is very much focused on his objective,throughout the life. He has invented,that no one else has ever thought of! Till he became the richest person on the earth, he kept himself down to earth and may be even after that. But after getting the place, a way beyond the other rich people, he started quoting some arrogant quotes like above mentioned.


               When you read the above statement, many of you will be focused on initial part of it, that bill gates failed in exam. But the only word,that bill gates wanted to highlight here is ‘OWNER’!
           The word ‘Owner’ itself says everything about that person. Because, world moves with knowledge, and not with the grades. If you read about bill gates, he has the knowledge of every basic part of computer, he knows the programming languages.
            ‘To think out of the box, you should always have the knowledge about,what is in the box.’ And so, even though bill gates failed in exam,he is having the deep practical knowledge of his work,he has learned from his experience of decades. And to get that much knowledge, you need to take degrees from colleges or else you have to take experience for decades!


             If you read about bill gates, he has predicted the future path of technology. Its because he knows the history of the tecnology,he knows the current pace of technology and so he can predict the future of it!
             And since few decades he is handlling the pace of world and indirectly the pace of our life too!
            So, i think, there is nothing wrong in showing some arrogance, when you reach at that top most level, from where you are controlling the pace of world!



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