‘Lets Control the Past’



  “Yesterday on 29th of March, I met one of my friend, who was in my school, who is acting in movies since she was of only 2 years old!”
            The above entire sentence content is of ‘past memory’. Why do we require past memory? What will happen, if we will have only present/temperory memory, just like ‘RAM’ in computers?
             And as memory is limited Why should I invest my memory, in some unnecessary memories of someone else? How would be the life, if there is no past memory.
             Well,if that happens,then first of all, i will not be able to write these articles! Even if I want to walk and i am not having the memory of my past moment, it will be difficult to balance on every step!
              Life is something like ‘from the past,for the future,in the present’. So,may be its not possible to cut down all the past memories from brain. But if we can control the thought process of brain by using processor and memory chips around brain, It might be be more useful.


              If we try to stop unnecessary thoughts,it will be possible to use that brain into productive thoughts. We can  increase effeciency of brain by doing it. If we get succeed to control the time period of a specific thought in our brain,its possible to get control over the stress,depression or lower esteem like negative effects!
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