“Why Every Time ‘PLAY’, Lets ‘REWIND’..!!”



                 Today, in the morning “UNDO” button saved my very important information on computer. Thanks to ‘undo’ technology. Then a thought came into my mind, if computer technology is playing that much of important role in human life, then why not ‘undo’ is possible in real life?
                Suppose, I am trying to fix few things in a room. I have thrown a pillow on couch and i want to put it on another place, so i just made a rewind to it,pillow come into my hand back again! It will be fun to fight with friends like this,isnt it? lolz..


               I just tried to make it possible. I made a video of throwing a pillow on couch and made that video to play in reversed direction. Then what i found is..
                it might be possible in two ways. Either a human hand should get that much of power or a pillow! But I dont want to make that pillow look like a gadget and even dont want to put some gadget weight on human body.
               What if we make a special room, where every air particle is of some bit value. It should get some uniquely identifying value,by using which we can control the movement of each and everything in that room!


               We can use sensors,camera,computers and some magnetic power technology inside the wall. Which will capture the gestures of a human body, and by processing it with written algorithms, it will move the things with magnetic power!
               So, whenever you enter into the room, you can move curtains aside just by using your hands gesture. You can pull the chair to sit by hands gesture. You can take the tv remote directly in hand by sitting on the chair.
              And while leaving the room, you can just rewind everything, which will make the room as it was before! Even it will put the dust particles back to your shoes!




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