“Being Rich!!”



            ‘Being Rich!!’ What does that mean? A lot of money? How much?? Well, its difficult to answer. A person with $10 is always richer than the person with $1.
             Although, in this world,you can do almost anything by having money in your pocket,money consumes a lot of time in your life, yet it is just a part of your personality! Hamburger tastes the same to everyone! Personality is the only thing that makes you the real rich person!
              Why every other person in the world is not billionaire(I’m not looking for millionaires)? I assume 70% of the population are capable of doing hard work, and they do! Then why only 2-3% are billionaires?


             Its because they are the ‘billionaire thinker’ before being a billionaire! Its due to the way they choose to respond to the situation they face! The billionaires are the people who does the less physical hard work,compared to the other people. But their belief on themselves is the highest than anyone else in the world. They look at the situations in a broader way.
               All the billionaires are the businessman,who meets the hundreds of people daily and so that they faces the most difficult situations in their life, but their response to the situations makes it look easier!
                Their ability to look at the objective is different. They focus 100% on the challenges, where normal people tend to look for their social status,designation. Those things comes naturally with success to the rich people. Rich people look for the competition on a broader level,whereas normal people compete on personal or human level.


                 So, to be the rich person, first start looking at the things in a broader view,be the ‘billionaire thinker’,dont get tangled in a small obstacles,focus like a laser! Celebrate every small success, but Dont get satisfied with it. Always keep the goals bigger than your capability.
                Dream is something which you think you cannot get it in this life,but you jump for it, and you achieve it! So dream something larger than life. Dreams come true. Beilieve it,believe in yourself! Its not the money,but the personality that makes you rich!
             Do what you Love! Be the RICH!! First with the Heart then with the Money!



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