LIFE – from a ‘BEAT’ to ‘BIT’!


               Computer Technology has given a visible pace to our life since 19th century, but technology itself is also moving with a tremendous speed and its looking unstoppable! When i look five years back, i just feel like it is someone else’s life.
                That time Mobiles,computers and internet were having just a little part of our life. And now it ‘completes our life’. If you ask people those who have lived more than five decades on this planet, you’ll come to know that, today’s their life is way beyond imagination than they have thought of!
                 I am sure that, after breathing for one more decade, technology will surprise us with something magical! (That even we cant imagine at this moment)


                 A day will come in the future when the bookish definition by some highbrow person about life will be, “A Life is the mechanical or electronical thing in which sending and receiving of bits/bytes takes place to reach their organizational demands!”
                The water, food, shelter will be replaced by the antena,robot friend(who will be always with you) and oxyrich light-weight cylinder to breath! People will be having diet of sending bits from their end!


                There will be amazing and different sources of entertainment. Instead of just watching tv series like ‘Friends‘ on screen, you will be able to sit in between them and feel their surrounding and may be characters will make you participant of their conversation! You will be able to interact with them, just like chatbots, those will be actor-bots!
                 So get ready for this adventurous life. New things will keep coming to excite you,surprise you! Never forget to live this current moment, as this moment itself is your life! Keep healthy Lifestyle, stay fit while moving From a heart beat to computer bit! World has surprises to amuse you!




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