‘A Transparent House’



             In this 21st century, every minute we are getting connected with upgraded gadgets. Technology is adding many new features to them. We all have many electronic things at house. In this century we have exchanged old things with LED TV,AC/fan,Lights,microwave, and many more useful and decorative things inside our house. But wall and roof structure is same for centuries. Why not to make it digital?
             You must have been heard or seen the transparent security doors. To go through that, it will ask for some id or your face will be the identity or key to it. Why not to make entire wall like that? Why not to make all walls transparent and secure like that security door? Mmm…ok you want privacy, then you can add some wallpaper to that. Infact you can change colour of your wallpaper at any time and many times!


              Magnetic field can be used to oppose to dust or any unauthorised things coming from outside. So to build house like this, you only need physical pillars and beams for multi storey building, and nothing else. You can easily change arrangement of rooms, you can modify it just by doing few gestures in front of your wall! You can change colour of a building digitally from inside and outside as well.
              It will help us to reduce the damage to the earth. It will be harmless in earthquake situations! And it will be of long term and more secure than regular houses. Not any road thief can break that security, it will require a special team of hackers to break it. It will save a lot of money, as you will only need to buy that landscape.


              This house will look normal from outside, even though its having digital wall. It will allow you to enter into the house from any side,any wall. If your place has beach side or valley side then you can remove any wall for some time.
                If many friends or guests come at home, you can modify your rooms to them! You will be able to make windows anywhere on the walls, so ventilation will be better. Curtains will be outdated! Even cars can also use this technology for their outer body!
                I hope this technology will be used everywhere on the earth, to save the earth!




3 thoughts on “‘A Transparent House’

  1. Hey Hrishi, such an interesting blog!
    The idea of having such a forward & futuristic home is unbelievably amazing! Alas, having such a home in India is for the moment , wishful thinking! ;p
    And yes, thanks for following back! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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