‘A bigger than china wall is Found!’



               I was just wondering about the loneliness of people these days. Why people are feeling more lonely at this stage of earth, where population is continuously increasing!
               Is it that, people live in between the walls only? Ofcourse not..you can see loads of people and traffic on the roads. Are there any invisible walls, those are making people feel lonely,restricting people to see and connect with others?
               Yes!! There is invisible wall around each and everyone of us! And that wall is nothing but the wall of rules and restrictions.


               At the initial era of human beings, thousands of years ago, people were able to see the world as a whole. The entire world was viewed as a family, even though transportation wasnt good at that time. The first wall in human beings history was of ‘selfishness’ or the feeling of owning something like landscape or food, which created a smaller wall seperating people from each other. That was just the beginning.
               In next few eras, that wall around everyone was made taller by ‘religion’. I think the religion is nothing but the set of rules or the way of living of a specific group. But when multiple religions were made, it created the taller wall around every person. As everyone was bound in those rules of a specific religion, the world started to get divided in groups.


               Then with the different eras, this  wall started getting taller with different skin colour, job types, maritual status and many things like that. There was an era of kings, when power was everything. Then different cuntries,states,cities,villages were created. Then bigger family size started to became smaller.
               And now this is the era of technological growth, where things started to work on bits 1 and 0. It helped people to make other walls smaller, but built such a tall wall around us, which made people to feel alone in this world!
               Technology allowed us to see the world in a larger view, but made everyone feel alone! By using social sites we reach to the thousands of people and friends, but people are getting less time to meet friends in real.
                As education teaches or develops the brain to think in a specific direction, which makes a person to behave or react in a specific manner. In this generation, since childhood everyone is involved with this technology, every kid uses smarphones, video games, computer, etc. Which develops their brain for copy,paste and delete functions. Technology teaches them to accept new things every second and to delete the previous ones! And it is applied in their real life as well.


                People send friend request and becomes friends in a second and for small argument they use delete/unfriend button as well. People get bored after few chats on social sites and they go for new friends, new things. It shortens the relationships. People have got so much busy on computers, they dont get time to meet anyone in real.
                So this makes an individual world, in which only a person is there, with the machines only. Without spending time with people in real, it is not possible to built the trust. So people are not able to be dependant on anyone. They are not getting real friends, as they are busy with playing in virtual world.
                So, this technology has built the tallest wall around everyone of us, which is restricting from the view of real world. Relationships are the oxygen to the human beings. But because of this heighted wall around us, it is getting difficult to take oxygen from outside the wall.
                We should come out of these walls, and by standing on it, look around the world. Meet the people in real. Go and shout in real for friends!!




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