Hello, My Planet is ‘The Internet’!



One Day The World Will Be Known By The Communication!

Yes! Today, I want to talk about the transformation of communication from the outer world to the inner world of human beings.

The communication is basically used to connect and share different kinds of data between multiple people. So, people started using letters,telephones and then internet to communicate. So if you see, communication is just like a cable or connection to connect two people. It started from communication between two people, where world wide web or Internet allowed us to connect multiple people at a time or in a real time.

Still by using the internet we were getting connected to each other from the outer side of a specific communicator or human. But the invention of the Facebook changed the definition of ‘communication’ itself dramatically.


The Facebook started to connect with each human being personally. It started wishing me on my every birthday and anniversary. It became my best friend. It’s indexing or structure is so powerful, that i can see the posts according to my mood(of course,by using my liked pages and posts!)

Facebook is just an example of how this communication world is connecting on emotional level of the human beings. Combination of the social media profiles,smartphone identification and many other things which we use on the internet,combination of all gives the unique identification sphere to every single human being, by which the person can be identified in this world!

The Network of Networks that is  ‘Internet’ has made very strong and deep network throughout the world, that in this well populated world, it is impossible to recognize the person who is not the part of the internet.

Looking at the transformation, if you can imagine, we are not living on the earth, but our existence is on the earth covering sphere called as “Internet”.   We don’t have to wait for a long, when this world will be known only by the “Communication”!