‘Reading’..an alluring journey..

             Reading is a alluring kind of journey. It starts with the curiosity about getting something new which we haven’t got in the past.

           As we go down on the page, we start observing the new dimensions.(Here, I am using ‘observing‘ word as we get too many new things coming towards us, that we can’t be judgemental.) We start exploring the new viewing angles towards a particular situation through writer’s eyes.

            At some point it gives us feeling of getting nothing from it, but being just with the time, the greed keeps us moving onto the next page hoping to get something or the other new thing.

           When we get something satisfactory, first it gives us bloomy feeling and then the realization of being at the middle of the journey.

          From here onwards it takes our soul to the deepen level. And when you start thinking like it is akin to your melioration, writer wins!

         At the culmination it gets connected to the beginning, from where we’ve started. It gives supernal feeling of completing the rhythm nourishing foxy experience.

-Hrishikesh Kulkarni

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