‘In Time’


         Today it was the magical day! It was Magical, because i came across few new things, which i never thought of.
         One of them is ofcourse this blogsphere, where i started writting. This blog concept is impressive, as i wanted to write ‘the blog’, i started reading others posts. And I came to know that, there are many topics,various concepts and huge individuality in thoughts of people. So this is good way to express and represent myself by sharing my own thoughts with you.
         The second new thing i came across is ‘Teleportation‘ . Its a future technology concept, in which the person can be send from one place to another, just like a message through network!  
           It will definately increase the speed of the world. I think, we have the limited time of life, so the science is just making other activity speed faster to get the feel of  ‘increased life span’. But this speed also has a limit,the limit of mind/brain speed. Thats why these days scientists are inventing the chips for our brain, which will have the storge and speed and so may be the brain like another processor attached to our brain!
           World will be totally different. Pollution and traffic problems will be no more. That time may be network traffic problems will arise. People will need to search for the links, instead of finding the road addresses. Internet will play an important role. What will happen if we enter into the network and the internet connection gets disconnected! That might be new type of accident in the future. May be some advance signal saver will be used for the security.
          May be mobile phones will not be there as person will directly reach to the destination place,but what about privacy! May be it will have some privacy settings like facebook.
         Everyone will become superman in future,with big powers. It will be the totally different world in the future.