Well, after a short interval of time, i am back here!
          Today, i was walking on a crowded street, and was using facebook simultaneously on my tablet. I just wondered, technology has made such a drastic change in human life. Technology is cascading this real world with virtual world.
           If you look few decades back, it was a complete real world. And in this cascading phase we’re leaving real world for the new,attractive looking virtual world.
           People uses social media sites, they keep exchanging messages in a huge amount of size. So we’ve got a seperate virtual or the internet world, which makes an individual less available in the real world. People communicate less when they meet in real.
          Now there is need to bridge these two world, to maintain human presence in the real world. Instead of liking the pictures of a person on social sites, i would like to see people walking on the street, waving hands, smiling at each other. I would like to see guys playing on the grounds.


         It would be interesting, if people can click ‘Like’ on each other while walking besides. It would be fun if people can exchange restricted smileys or comments just like whatsapp allows us. It would be more interesting to see stats on players head while playing! When player enters on the ground, people can directly click ‘Like’ on him/her, which will make audience more active in the stadium.
         May be for this, you’ll require some lenses or glasses. May be mobiles or watches can play a major role in this concept to project the things. Recognisation concept, messengers, social sites together can help to build these kind of concepts.
         I would like to see these kind of bridging things in a decade of time.



‘The Virtual Reality’

image              I have observed that,these days people react to the situations instead of responding to it. If you look at machines, it also does the same! Elecronic machines like computer has its own program,in which how to react to any random situation is written.          Computer programming is nothing but the advance planning of reactions! Sometimes when I look at the speed,that machines are taking place in our life, I feel like these machines are the aliens, who are trying to attack on our life! At the beginning, they were having a smaller part of our life. And with the faster pace and aggration, they are taking control of our whole life.          These days people are losing their feelings. The couples who are in Love, instead of enjoying each others company, they stick to virtual world,where they get different ways to express love virtually and even different kind of issues to get seperated as well. The ‘missing’ part of love is really missing out these days, as people feel connected to each other by social sites. And so even when they get seperate, they get recovered quickly,because they have the computers,social sites with them. If those couples were meeting more time in real than virtual, they would be having more time and feeling with each other.

I think, we need this technology, but a controlled use is important. Or else in future, instead of ‘human beings’, we will be known as ‘Machines’. Things look better with feelings,so ‘being human’ is better than ‘being machines’.           Hrishi