Dont Get Surprised, if you read “Get real besties here for $10/day” in the future



Technology is bringing lot of changes in the human lifestyle. In the last few decades, people used to listen to radio, then people started sitting in front of the tv and now we can see the family members sitting in the corners of the house, having whatsapp , facebook, insta, twitter right on their palms.
           It is the same case in colleges and enterprises meanwhile in the breaktime, and even the late night goes just like that. Participation of the other people in life has become very less. People are becoming seperated from the existing society around them and they’re trying to get involved in the social world, where they can establish their self defined personality, they can choose the people, topics to be around, independently.
           Its all is a good change which leads towards the happy life, leaving the cons aside.


           Looking at the way life is moving ahead, in the future, it might happen that, people will be buying the ‘Conversations with the real people’. You might see advertisements saying that, “Get dinner with real people in our restaurant. More friendly people are available to share your table!”  You might see shops like internet cafe, saying that, get in and meet real people who can act as your real besties. Share your thoughts and feelings face to face with them.” Due to this psychologiest will be in demand!
          It might sound funny or weird to read it at this moment. But it will happen, because as people are not spending time with people in their real life, it will be hard to find the besties. Remember the days when internet was not in use that much? People were more  attached to other people. The society of people was the need of the person. Today everyone is tending towards independnce. People doesnt like interference of other people.
           It is just the start, that people are trying to find the trust,relationships and sometimes love on the internet. In future it will be the only world. Change is good, it is the only constant thing you can see throughout the life!




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